Tuesday Magic Item – Stonewall Shield

4 March, 2014

Strong as stoneOriginally fielded by the Onyx Dwarves, the use of the Stonewall shields reached their tactical apogee under the Diamond Dwarves and their General Irisa Diamondedge when her much smaller force trapped and annihilated the vanguard of the Navolian Military Order.  The sight of the final battle, now known as the Three Bloody Walls, is a lasting memorial to Dwarven bravery, Gemkine magic and the tactical focus of Irisa Diamondedge.

The victory was so complete that it was two generations before the Navolians again risked conflict with the Dwarven nations.

Stonewall Shield

These round shields rather than being faced with metal, have a thin layer of stone on their face with a metal boss and rim.  They are usually marked with the symbols or heraldic arms of one of the Dwarven families or merchant houses.

The stonewall shield is +2 heavy metal shield that will once per day per point of Strength bonus of the wielder, as a free action, will give the wielder DR 3/– for one round.

But its more powerful ability requires there to be at least five adjacent stonewall shield wielders, as a full round action, they can summon a wall of stone, each additional five shield wielders increases the effective caster level by one (to a maximum of 20th level).  Each stonewall shield can summon one wall of stone each month but it can contribute to enhancing the effect of an unlimited number of other shields.

Aura moderate conjuration [earth]; CL 9th
Slot armor; Price 13,170; Weight 15 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, stoneskin, wall of stone; Cost 6,500 +170 for the shield

Notes: The ability to instantly create defensive walls should not be underestimated.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons by Psy guy and used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

One comment

  1. Ha, reminds me of the earthbenders in Avatar. A pretty powerful item, even used solo. Too powerful for the likes of Khabheolg!

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