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Tuesday Magic Item – Stonewall Shield

4 March, 2014

Strong as stoneOriginally fielded by the Onyx Dwarves, the use of the Stonewall shields reached their tactical apogee under the Diamond Dwarves and their General Irisa Diamondedge when her much smaller force trapped and annihilated the vanguard of the Navolian Military Order.  The sight of the final battle, now known as the Three Bloody Walls, is a lasting memorial to Dwarven bravery, Gemkine magic and the tactical focus of Irisa Diamondedge.

The victory was so complete that it was two generations before the Navolians again risked conflict with the Dwarven nations.

Stonewall Shield

These round shields rather than being faced with metal, have a thin layer of stone on their face with a metal boss and rim.  They are usually marked with the symbols or heraldic arms of one of the Dwarven families or merchant houses.

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