Tuesday Magic Item – Leader’s Ring

25 February, 2014

Make your markHe idly tapped his ringed finger against the desktop.  “Where did I go wrong?” he asked the empty room.  “I only wanted to give the people what they needed, leadership, direction, a sense of purpose.”

He lapsed into silence again and opened the desk drawer, inside was an old and well cared for fighting dagger.  “You have never betrayed me, old friend.”

When the revolutionaries broke down the door, they found glassy dead eyes staring accusingly at them, a dagger buried in the leader’s chest, his own hands wrapped around the hilt.

Leader’s Ring

These rings are made from heavy gold and are set with a carved stone seal, the design of the seal is worn and undistinguishable until someone puts it on, then it changes to that of their personal seal.

The wearer of the Leader’s Ring gains a +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma, this is increased by the number of loyal followers the Leader has, the wearer gains an additional +1 Charisma for each order of magnitude of their followers (i.e., +1 for 1-9 followers, +2 for 10-99, +3 for 100-999, and so on).   These followers must be pledged to the Leader directly, not to their office, party or cause, only personal loyalty matters.

Those that serve the Leader are inspired to do their best, gaining a +1 morale bonus to skill checks, attack rolls and Will and Fortitude saves when within sight of their leader or on a mission issued direct by the Leader (the mission bonus lasts a number of days equal to the Leader’s Charisma bonus).

Once a day, per order of magnitude of the Leader’s followers, the Leader may cast:

  • Shield, as a swift action if the Leader has 1,000 or more followers.
  • Suggestion, using the Leader’s Charisma modifier for the save, increased to Mass Suggestion if the Leader has 10,000 or more followers.

However, the Leader comes to desire and require followers, whenever their number of followers drops an order of magnitude, the Leader suffers 1d3 points of Intelligence and Charisma damage and one point of Wisdom drain.  Further, the Wisdom drain cannot be healed unless the Leader manages to restore the number of their followers to its previous peak.

Aura strong enchantment; CL 13th
Slot ring; Price 100,000; Weight
Construction Requirements
Forge Ring, alter self, eagle’s splendor, heroism, lesser geas, shield, mass suggestion, limited wish; Cost 50,000

Notes: Inspired by the idea of the cult of personality, famously denounced by Nikita Khrushchev on this date.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.


  1. I could see some fun in PCs figuring out how it worked.

  2. Yes, I like it. I like the mechanic of addiction being driven by stat loss. Great item for an NPC, especially.

    • It would also be an excellent idea for a PC that was going to become an NPC (say, because the player was leaving). But could be a challenge for a PC as well, do you walk this path? The rewards are great but . . .

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