Tuesday Magic Item – Arthelais’ Sacred Amulet

18 February, 2014

With blessings from on highThe young woman prayed and placed her hand on the wounded man’s leg, a bright -but warm- light suffused the injured limb and when it faded, the injury was gone as was the blood and gore.  She seemed to slump and her friend had to help her stand.

The no longer wounded man tried to thank her, but she was already moving away.

Later, when some of the Prefect’s soldiers came asking if anyone matching the faithful woman’s description had been seen, no one would give them any information.  It was a small kindness to repay her’s.

Arthelais’ Sacred Amulet

These amulets are simple holy symbols that have been invested with the pure faith of their wearer making them something more.

As often as once an hour, after a full round of prayer and a successful Knowledge religion check (DC 12), the bearer of the amulet may cast one of the following spells: guidance, resistance or stabilize.  If cast on another, the bearer also gains the same benefit.

As often as three times a day, after a full round of prayer and a successful Knowledge religion check (DC 15), the bearer may cast one of the following spells: cure critical wounds, neutralize poison, remove blindness/deafness or remove disease.  For the level dependant effects, use the higher of the bearer’s level or the item’s caster level (seventh).  Using this ability causes the bearer to take one point of Constitution damage.

Failing the Knowledge religion check to activate the amulet does not cause a use to be spent, it just requires that more prayers be made.

Aura moderate conjuration (healing); CL 7th
Slot neck; Price 8,500; Weight
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, aid, cure critical wounds, neutralize poison, remove blindness/deafness, remove disease; Cost 4,250

Notes: Inspired, indirectly, by the story of Saint Arthelais about whom very little seems to be known.  I liked the idea of a magic item that stresses the physical body when one acts as a conduit for divine energy.

Photo by carulmare and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


  1. Nice — makes me want to overhaul D&D clerics to make them like healers in Rolemaster…

  2. I do like this idea because it motivates clerics to pray as an actual sort of mechanical activity, and I think that supports a thematic atmosphere that can sometimes be missed when clerics just bash and turn undead.

    • I think a lot more can be done with skill checks and role-playing actions, there is a lot of interesting design space there.

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