Two Short Shadowrun Adventure Reviews

16 February, 2014

Two adventure books for Shadowrun, one of multiple short adventures dual-statted for SR4A and SR5 and the other an introductory adventure for SR5:

Shadowrun: Sprawl Wilds contains four short adventures for SR4A or SR5, converted from tournament adventure:

  • Manhunt, finds the runners in a barrens defending a farm and investigating a series of odd attack.
  • Carbon Copy, pits them against the latest version of a serial killer.
  • Ashes, which finds the runners in the Ork Underground in the middle of an arson spree.
  • Humanitarian Aid, finds the runners hunting for stolen medicine in a small town.

While a mixed bag, Manhunt seems exceptionally strong providing a good mix of roleplaying and problem solving, with some combat as well.  Carbon  Copy requires investigation skill and can provide the runners with a set of valuable contacts, if they succeed.  Ashes but the character in a position to make a difference, a big difference, in the future of the Ork Underground, GMs should be very careful with this adventure, it is likely to have serious long term impact on a campaign.  Humanitarian Aid is a solid horror scenario and is the lead in to the Romero and Juliet adventure (reviewed here).  Pretty close to something here for every campaign.

Shadowrun: Splintered State is an introductory adventure for SR5, designed as the launching point for a campaign.  While I admire that ambition, the scenario drops the characters into the deep end of a very dangerous political game, and it would be very easy for the entire team to get wiped out in some of the early encounters especially if the NPCs are played as competently as they are implied to be.  It also seems to assume that the players will have a strong grasp on the setting as they are thrown between no less than four rival factions for what they possess.  My fear is that it is aiming for too complex and too political of a story to serve as an easy introduction for new players, now for players experienced with the setting but not the new rules, it may be an ideal starting point, but I think it fails as a solid entry for new players and GMs.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.



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