Suddenly February with a look back over January.

1 February, 2014

How is it February already?  The first month of 2014 already over and it was a chilly one for us, we hope your January was good and productive.

February gets its name from Latin term februum, which means purification, via the purification ritual Februa performed at this time of year.  The Romans considered February an ill-fortuned month which is why they set it  shorter than the others.   For this month we return to the theme 0f curses, cursed items, ill-fortune and, perhaps, defense against such terrible things.  As usual, suggestions, comments and ideas are welcome.

I am working on my introductory adventure for the Sea of Stars Campaign Setting Kickstarter and hope to playtest it this month.

What was published on the journal in January, 2014:


Art for the Sea of Stars Kickstarter, gathering artists.

Ivorysmile’s Mobile Apothecary and Medicine Emporium, my contribution to the Greenwheel Carnival.

New Magic Items:

All Consuming Candle of Sardanapalus, if at first you do not succeed, destroy all evidence that you even tried.

Meinrad’s Vestments, for the most hospitable among you.

Proclamation Seal, let the world know you are committed to honoring your agreements.

Rain Basket, sometime you need rainwater.

Third Hand Scarf, because sometimes you need another hand.

Campaign Reports:

L5R Children of Destiny – Episode 5 “Hunting Shadows

Shadowrun Campaign enters New Year (2070)


Justice Corp.

Short Shadowrun Reviews + a Dystopian Bonus.

Shadowrun – 10 Mercs.


Dark Future Ahead 4 – News from the Net of a Cyberpunk Bent

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