Review – The Justice Corp

26 January, 2014

The Justice Corp [sic] is a supplement for M&M and part of the AHC (Actions Have Consequences) universe of products.  Unfortunately is not good, the author/ designer/ editor/ illustrator Loius Danhoff obviously has a strong idea of what he wants to present but it suffers from poor organization, worse editing (including typos, unexplained shifts between description and fiction and repeated text) and odd design choices (including a too dark water mark on almost all of that pages that makes the text over it near impossible to read).  All of this might be excusable if the organization presented made any kind of the sense: the Justice Corp is a branch of the US Government yet is given full authority to act anywhere by the UN, why Russia and China would have allowed such is not explained, it supposedly has legions of highly trained agents according to the Rules and Regulations present as it deploys battalions (300+ troops) to trouble spots yet no tables of equipment and organization or stat blocks for the agents are provided though information on four of their vehicles are.  The eleven characters included might have redeemed this product but none of them is given a proper personality, there is no advice on using these characters in play, no hooks for scenarios and their descriptions are choppily mixed with fiction making even the information presented on them difficult to clearly understand.  This product needs a complete ground up reorganization and  rewrite to be useful for gamers.


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