Tueday Magic Item – All Consuming Candle of Sardanapalus

7 January, 2014

Out of the pyre that was made from the Duke’s furnishings and works of art that had been hazardously piled in the courtyard of this, the least of his castles, a single candle, slightly melted, rolled free.

All good things . . .Jago the Royal Hunter, picked it up and looked back to the fire.  “Trust the Duke to deny us the satisfaction of killing him after all of the trouble he has put us through.”

“Bastard,” spat Rozilda the Poison Witch, “killing himself to escape his fate.  May he be hunted across the Realm of Shadows and torn apart by the thorn-mouthed hounds.”

“His servants perished within as well, even in death, he caused more misery,” said the Priestess in Silver.

“I am more offended that he destroyed all those valuables,” said Mouse, frowning over crossed arms.

All Consuming Candle of Sardanapalus

These candles are made of plain, ivory-colored wax with a braided wick that is made of spider silk and shed snake skin, a rune for rebirth is carved into the base and usually covered with silk taken from a shroud.

The candle is warded against detection, requiring a caster level check against a DC of 28 to notice that it even has a magical aura.  Its use requires a funeral pyre made of valuable items, many of them, worth at least 10,000 gold per level of the user.  Living sacrifices can make up as much as one fifth of the pyre and count for 500 gold per hit dice and non-sentient beings counting as only one-tenth that.  The user must light the fire with the candle and then throw themself into the flames.

The user’s body is utterly and completely consumed by the flames of the pyre, leaving nothing for anyone to use for any purpose.  1d6+1 days later, the user is reborn as though a reincarnation spell was cast upon them, the new body appearing anywhere that the user had visited within the last month before using the candle.  Any attempt to locate the user for a year and a day following their rebirth, only shows that they are dead or ashes (depending on the type of divination magic used).

Each candle can only be used once.

Aura strong necrourgy (but see above); CL 13th
Slot – ; Price 15,000; Weight ½ lb
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, false vision, fireball, nondetection, limited wish; Cost 7,500

Notes: Inspired by the legend of Sardanapalus.  Villains should have interesting, but expensive, ways to escape.

Fire photo by Chas Redmond and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


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