Dark Future Ahead 4 – News from the ‘Net of a Cyberpunk bent

4 January, 2014

Get away from it all in a semi-underwater hotel that will become an artificial reef.  Looks like a great place for a secret meeting . . . or an extraction.

Interested in how the Magacorps work in the developing world?  See this report on Chinese companies in Africa.

Or perhaps visit a slice of the Soviet Union in the modern world, wonderful Transnistria.

Need a mission?  What about repossessing commercial aircraft?  Grab the airplane and go!

They can use radio waves to stop your vehicle!  Best invest in some electronic shielding (or go really low tech).

“Invisible” bicycle helmet, the Swedish-designed Hövding, implies some interesting options for protection and defense.

And for some randomness: Lorem Gibson, Website filler text based on the works of William Gibson.  (Hat tip to Adam Jury.)


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