Review – Shadowrun: 10 Mercs

1 January, 2014

Shadowrun: 10 Mercs looks at ten of the midrange mercenary companies in the Sixth World some famous, some infamous and some new but all interesting and most which can easily spawn plot hooks for characters.  It is also very entertaining reading and even the opening fiction is a good read.  If you use, or want to use, mercenaries in your Shadowrun campaign this will be a useful resource.

Shadowrun: 10 Mercs, is a good-sized (52-page) product detailing selected mercenaries groups in the Shadowrun setting along with a very brief discussion on the place of mercenaries in the Sixth World.  Each mercenary group gets at least one named member fully described and statted out along with at least one standard member of that group with information (and stats) on equipment and vehicles as used by certain of the groups.  While all of the information is still fairly current for 5th edition, the extensive statistics would be considerable work to convert, but if done only as needed should be manageable.

Some groups that have been mentioned before, such as the Free Marine Corps, get fully detailed and Picador (who is a frequent commentator ins other files) gets revealed.  Some of the groups are obviously designed as opposition (Task Force Magus), others at potential allies (77th Independent Rangers, Bravo Company) but most could go either way depending on the situation and even the potential allies could end up opposed to the Shadowrunner goals.  While there are no separate adventure seeds there is enough interesting information on each of the groups to be easily spun into scenarios.

While sizable units of mercenaries may not have a place in every Shadowrun campaign, if you are thinking of including such in yours, you will find this a useful resource and interesting read.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.


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