Moving Forward on the Sea of Stars Kickstarter – Gathering Artists (Update 2)

21 December, 2013

Moving forward, slowly, on getting thing together for the Sea of Stars Kickstarter, while I will still need more artists and a mapmaker, I have polite commitments for at least one piece of art from each of the following artists (in alphabetical order):

Drew Baker, whom jim pinto called “the nicest guy in the industry” and a brilliant artist.  He painted the lovely dragon slayer piece I picked up at GenCon.

Talon Dunning, gamer and artist with his own game company, I am working on him with another project too.

M C A Hogarth, artist, author and all around talented lady.

Beth Trott, another skilled artist I know through jim pinto, whose lovely art should be perfect for the Visse.

Update 1:

Anir, a Romanian artist is doing a piece that I am intending to use for the free adventure.

Update 2:

Austin Gandy, master of the Elemental Temple of Pixels and part of my Wednesday night crew, has signed on.


I will update as I confirm new artists.  And any artists and mapmakers out there, feel free to contact me.

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