L5R Children of Destiny – Episode 4 “Wugong Sui”

7 December, 2013

518Having found that the threat to the local area, a Wugong Sui (spirit centipede), had escaped from where it had been trapped in an ancient shrine, our heroes continued up into the hills to the Monastery of the Eight Virtuous Men where it seems to have made its lair.  The sky only darkens as they move closer to the Monastery, so it seems like twilight when they arrive at the open gates which are lit by a pair of lanterns burning with blue light.

The Boar fetches down the lanterns with his spear for the Kuni and Toku to investigate, the Kuni begins to exorcise hers, while the Toku opens his and gets screamed at by a tormented spirit.  Nabiki sighs and exorcises that lantern as well.  They spread out into the courtyard -lit but more blue burning lanterns-, a dormitory, shrine and stables border the courtyard while there is a well at the center.  They spread out, checking on the well (unpolluted), the shrine (messed up but not deliberately desecrated) and the stables . . . from which charge two Onikage.

Like this . . . only biggerCombat is a swirling mess, the Monkey is protected by fire of purity from the Moshi, which burns one of the attacker badly.  Then arrows, spears and chains strike against the onikage, bringing down one of the unliving horses just in time for the Moshi  to be almost bitten in half by the wugong sui, materializing out of mist.  The shugenja are struck by the spiritual impurity of the creature and rendered almost incapable of action [only the shugenja failed their fear rolls].  The Otomo calls down dire implications of law upon the foul creature, to little effect, while the bushi set to work with tehir weapons trying to piece the creatures armored body.  It lashes around, badly wounding the Hare and grazing the Boar.  The Moshi managed to get a prayer through, the wrathful glare of the Sun, burning the creature and briefly blinding it, which is all the other needed to finish it off, the still aflame Toku delivering the finishing blow which caused the spirit to with and shed the captive spirits that were empowering it.  It rapidly shrunk down to only a foot long and Kuni Nabiki pinned it down with her staff and exorcised it.

They return to the Lion camp and report, Akodo Shinno publicly commends them on their efforts and they head back to the capital.  Doji Miwako ensures that artisans are sent to repair the shrine.  Young Willow Twig gets to become a servant in the Otomo’s household and the surviving ashigaru Absu is adopted in the Djoi vassal family Katogama as a ji-samurai.

As one of the players, C, is going to be back home over Christmas break and, well, holidays, this game is going on hiatus until January.  The characters will have three months of minor tasks in and around the capital and their next big mission will be in late summer.

Notes: Z was here for the game, so the Hare was always part of the expedition.  And B joining in, playing Absu, the surviving ashigaru.  So, nine players for this game session.  Like herding cats, noisy darn cats.

Centipede photo by Matt Reinbold  and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.


One comment

  1. Nine players, dear god. Like some of Dave’s old Savage Worlds games. Also, I love the spirit centipede! And sounds like a nicely brutal combat.

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