Tuesday Magic Item – Heartfire Oil

26 November, 2013

Burning for youSargent Kastry broke the burned beam with a foot.  “We must find out who started these fires and stop them before they do so again, too many lives have already been lost.”

“The destruction of buildings is no less a disaster,” replied Finder Ghem, “those who survived are without homes or livelihoods.  Whoever would cause such distress is a monster or mad.”

“In either case, we will hunt them down and stop them from causing more damage.”

Heartfire Oil

This thick oil is the bright red of fresh arterial blood resting on a polished jet.  It must be kept in airtight containers of ceramic or glass, as it will eventually corrode through most metals.  The oil is created by soaking a fresh humanoid heart is a mixture of oils and herbs for at least thirteen days and then straining and sealing the resulting mix at night.

The heartfire oil can be used in three ways:

•    Arson, poured onto an object it begins to smoke after 1d3 rounds and then bursts into flame the round following, this does 2d8 points of fire damage and sets anything flammable on fire where it burns with great intensity (+1 point of damage per die) and is difficult to put out, increasing the DC to do so by 4.  Anyone who has this oil poured on them has a brief period to discard sodden clothes or wipe it off before it ignites.  One bottle of oil can fully cover a 5′ x 5′ area or be poured in a line over 25′.
•    Direct Attack, shattered against a hard surface causes the oil to instantly ignite, causing 2d8 fire damage to all in the same area as it and those adjacent take 1d6 fire damage (Reflex save, DC 14, for half).  Those in the same area as the bursting oil are also set on fire, this fire burns with great intensity (+1 point of damage per die) and is difficult to put out, increasing the DC to do so by 4.
•    Weaponry, the oil can be applied to a melee weapon as a full round action, giving it the bane (race of the heart use to create it) and flaming qualities for 3d4 rounds.  If the weapon is not lightly coated in the wielder blood (1d2 hp of damage, move equivalent action) before the oil is applied, the flames inflict one point of damage (ignoring hardness) per round on the weapon used.

Aura faint conjuration and necrourgy; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 200; Weight 2.5 lbs
Construction Requirements
Brew Potion, burning hands, summon monster III, creator must have a humanoid heart for each bottle of oil made; Cost 100

Notes: Inspired from a section of Red Fortress: History and Illusion in the Kremlin where the great Moscow fire of 1547 was blamed on witches who used human hearts soaked in water to start the fires.

Photo by Benjamin J DeLong and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


  1. Addressing “arson” as the first use was no doubt a concession to player concerns.

    • Well, arson was what the mythological/historical item was used for so . . .

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