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L5R Children of Destiny – Episode 3 “Of Lion and Ghosts”

25 November, 2013

Hidden DangersHaving dealt with the not-goblins, our heroes are preparing to head back to the capitol when they are met on the road by Otomo Shitaro, a courtier, and a Kuni witch-hunter sent by Doji Akira with a new task in Lion lands.  Akodo Shinno, son of the former Lion Clan champion and in competition with his siblings to become the new Champion, has requested Doji Akira’s aid with a supernatural problem (as asking for aid from the Phoenix would be problematic).   They find Akodo Shinno in the midst of a Lion military camp preparing for war, not against the Crane or Phoenix but in the far North, against the Yobanjin.  He explains that some of the villages in the newly conquered territories have fallen under the influence of evil spirits, the Kitsu have confirmed such, but Shinno cannot spare the Kitsu needed to solve the problem as they are needed for the war effort.  So, that is what the new yoriki, with assistance, have to deal with.

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