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Shadowrun Campaign report and new Seattle Scream (#42) prop

20 November, 2013

Have not been playing as much Shadowrun as usual what with conventions, holidays and magic events cluttering the calendar.  Managed a few games with the usual suspects and one with my indie games group (who managed to break the game).  The main group have managed to provoke both the Seattle Yakuza and the Spikes, but in both cases, the provoked nether have full information about the team nor a serious motive to strike. . . yet.  The current arc is heading for an explosive climax and it will be full of fireworks, one way or another.

So, the Seattle Scream again jumps forward a few months as I am trying to synchronize it, more or less, with our current month with limited success.  You can read all about it here: Seattle Scream 42.

Continuing to study Shadowrun 5, still not sold on certain aspects but liking the new combat system, and found this amusing rant about it.


Tuesday Magic Item – Guardian’s Broach

20 November, 2013

Careful, you might stab yourself“Take the princess to safety, I will hold them off,” said the Tutor, loosening her cloak and draping it around the young woman.  “Flee, my dear student, and do not stop until you are safe.”

“But tutor,” whimpers the Princess, “they will hurt you.”

“I have been hurt before,” the Tutor said as the broach in her hand glowed and expanded into a sword and shield.  “I was a soldier before I was a tutor.  Now go.  I will hold them as long as I can.”

Guardian’s Broach

These come in all styles and fashions, though a sword and implied shield motif is common.  They are always made of the harder metals, nothing softer than copper but alloys and magical metals are more common.

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