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Dark Future Ahead 3 – More News from the ‘Net of a Cyberpunk bent

18 November, 2013

What about a not so dark future, with glowing trees instead of street lights?

Be fashionable and bullet resistant thanks to Garrison Bespoke (as I am not sure how bullet-proof these suits actually are), more information here.

Tired of soy and algae-based food, what about some nice protein-rich insect flour?  Yum yum.

Another step towards a viable powered exoskeleton, the Titan Arm.

Remember 90% of everything is shipped by water there most be some potential plots in the shipment of goods and manipulation there of.   Hackers and drug smugglers have already been active in highjacking port computer systems to slip shipment through.

And from the gaming side of the spectrum, Rob Donoghue discusses the place of Ethical Cyberpunk in roleplaying.

And a blast from the past, cleaning up some old files and found this gem by Victor Brueggemann clipped from a net discussion (c 1997):

Then there are the “Immortal posers”. They wear trench coats, and skulk around, have cordial conversations in abandoned churches and then kill each other the next time they meet . . . and they all carry swords.

“Hey, chummer. That guy over there just gave me 20 cred to tell you ‘There can only be one’. Does that mean anything? Well, see ya . . .”

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