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L5R Children of Destiny – Episode 2 “Night Goblins”

16 November, 2013

320Having achieved the first task set before them, our heroes finally arrive in the capital where they are immediately set to training in the laws of the Empire and understanding of matters courtly (no montage sadly).  Doji Akira meets with each of them personally to learn about them, he does not like surprises.  Then they are gathered, with the new Seppun, and invested with the rank of yoriki and given a jitte to symbolize such (though only the Hare has the proper skill to use such a weapon well).  Then Akira tosses a bag to the group, which the Soshi grabbed it, so he placed the Soshi in command of the group for their upcoming mission.

They are sent to the northern Crane lands where there are reports of bakemono (monsters) raiding some of the villages.  Read the rest of this entry ?

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