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L5R Children of Destiny – Episode 1 “Pilot”

9 November, 2013

Ill fortuneHaving gathered many of the samurai that he intends to induct as Imperial yoriki, the Imperial Magistrate Doji Akira, meets with them in the Western Hub Village outside of the capital.  Since there are still others en route, he sends the six who have arrived early to deliver late wedding presents to one of his cousins, newly installed as the lord of a small village, and check up on him.

They are given the gifts and horses and head out over increasingly less traveled roads as they get closer and closer to the village.  On the third day of the journey, they met an Imperial tax collector heading from the village who is very disgruntled and has no kind words for the place he has just left.  At a bridge they are attacked by a trio of ill-equipped and poorly fed bandits whom they end up pressing into service as ashigaru only a little the worse for wear.   Almost to the village, a naked madman runs across their path and is briefly chased before vanishing into the forest.  In the twilight, some notice that the fields are doing poorly.  They make their way through the silent village to the lord’s house, where the gardens are ill tended and overgrown, and the door is answered by the oddly dressed lord himself (he explains that the servants were useless and had to be let go).  They are then taken to the tea house to meet his wife and the last servant, who has obviously been ill-treated, they accept the gifts without much interest and invite the characters to stay.

The characters retire.  Doji Miwako finds a poem slipped under her door.  The wife scratches at the Hare’s door and lures him back to her room.  Toku Kumo seeks out the servants.   Miwako visits the Scorpion to discuss the poem.  The wife’s face melts into nothingness, the Hare goes crazy and tries to stab her to death, she restores her appearance and screams for help.  Confusion reigns as everyone gathers in the wife’s room and finally ends with her again trying her vanishing face trick, sadly to no avail.  A confused combat ensues which ends with the monsters revealed and slain and the characters slightly the worse for wear.

The servant is revealed to be the actual wife of the young lord, and the mad man is the lord.  They discover that the shrine to the local kami has been polluted and the shugenja set about cleaning it while the rest capture the mad lord.  The kami of place return with the purification her shrine and sets the young lord back on the path of healing.  Successful, they return to the capital and their soon to be new lives as yoriki.

Notes: Since I did not have the full group together, I ran with this one based on Beneath an Opal Moon which worked out quite well.

Campaign Framework here for reference.

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