L5R – Children of Destiny – Our Cast

7 November, 2013

CastleFinally starting this, what with various scheduling problems, the Children of Destiny campaign starts tonight.

Our heroes, Episode One:

Doji Miwako, small but charming Crane and priestess.  Daughter (acknowledged as niece) of Doji Chikako.  (Asahina shugenja 1, played by L.)

Heichi Kuroda, adopted son of the Boar Clan, skilled hunter and expert with the spear.  Biological child of Moto Amon.  (Heichi bushi 1, played by C.)

Moshi Wo, katana-wielding, male Moshi shugenja out to prove himself.  (Moshi shugenja 1, played by J2.)

Soshi Zhaojie, iron-willed Scorpion magistrate in training.  Daughter of Soshi Utami.  (Soshi magistrate 1, played by T1.)

Toku Kumo, a Monkey’s monkey, dedicated to the clan and seeks to follow in his father’s footsteps.  Second son of Toku Kobo.  (Kuni Witch-Hunter 1 <originally Toku Bushi>, played by T2.)

Ujina Okakura, haunted and found of drink and pleasure, this Hare Clan samurai seems destined for a short life like his uncle.  Nephew of Ugasi Okakura. (Usagi bushi 2, played by Z.)

Joining Episode Two:

Seppun Kano, honorable Imperial samurai, trained among the Imperial guard and of whom, great things are expected.  Bitterly betrothed to Otomo Kodachi.  Son of Seppun (formerly Akodo) Katsu.  (Seppun Miharu 1, played by H.)

Joining Episode Three:

Otomo Shintaro, junior minister in the Imperial bureaucracy pressed into service by Doji Akira, a man devoted to the Empire if not his family (also brother of Otomo Kodachi).  Always accompanied by his yojimbo, Bayushi Tsuyoshi.  (Otomo courtier 1, playedby M.)

Yes, quite a large and varied group.  Should be an interesting campaign . . .


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