Moving forward with the Sea of Stars kickstarter, advice needed

1 November, 2013

Following up on my post, Thinking about a Kickstarter for the Sea of Stars, I have decided to move forward on this project.

Seeking advice from people at this stage, with a 120-page book how much interior art should I be looking at?  Obviously a cover piece, but how much interior are would people expect?  I am thinking just primarily black and white art for the interior as it conveys the idea and is so much less expensive.

Additionally, are there any artists that people have worked with and recommend for high fantasy?

I will also need one to three maps, one general ‘world’ map and one or two city maps, I am think.  Now, I cannot draw a decent map, so who do people recommend?

Once I get the art and maps organized, I can start working out what sort of expenses I am looking at and really get things going.

All advice and comments welcome.


  1. 1/8 art seems to be a good standard. That doesn’t mean you need full page pieces. You could, for instance, have a 1/4 page piece on every 2nd page. The math would be different when you include full-pagers or half-pagers, such as maps. It’s a decent guide to go by, though.

    I’ve worked with a few artists in the past. I know Scott Vigil is open for work at the moment and would gladly introduce you to him: http://scottvigil.foliohd.com/

    • That would be great! His work looks very good.

      Now, even if I aim for art every 4th page, that is 30 pieces, that will add up fast . . .

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