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Tuesday Magic Item – Murderer’s Mask

29 October, 2013

“Tribune Julius,” said the vigiles member, “there has been some trouble in the pauper’s cemetery.”

The tribune frowned, any news that started that way was likely to end badly.  “Continue, Marcus.”

“Yes, someone dug up several corpses and decapitated one,” he reported.

The tribune felt a headache coming on.  “And the decapitated body, were the hands bound or the chest pierced?”  That strangler had been executed yesterday, the one that killed for fun, this was going to be bad.

Marcus looked at the report.  “No, just the head.  No other desecration, Tribune.”

“Fetch the priest and let us go, hopefully we can stop this before it gets out of hand.”

Murderer’s Mask

These masks are made from the skin of a murderer’s head and face, they can be encased in cloth or leather to hide it, but the skin is there.  The mask feels uncomfortable when handled but such discomfort lessens the closer the person holding it comes to putting it on.

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