Thinking about a Kickstarter for the Sea of Stars

28 October, 2013

And really, this is all still in the thinking/planning stage, it will take a lot more research before I am to the stage of actually starting one.

However, asking people what they would want from such a product seems like the place to start.  So, let me tell you what I am thinking of get your feedback and suggestions.

What I am thinking of is an illustrated PDF, about 120 pages, broken down (roughly) as follows:

  • Introduction to and history of the Sea of Stars, 12 pages
  • New and adapted species with support material, 24 pages
  • Magic items, spells and such, 24 pages
  • New Monsters, 20 pages
  • The world and places to visit, 20 pages
  • GM Advice and adventure seeds, 20 pages

Most of this, apart from the GM advice, I already have written just not organized into a form ready for publication but then it will need to be properly vetted and edited, art commissioned and proper layout make it readable and interesting.

What would people want to see more of?  Less of (down to none at all)?  The initial mechanics would be for Pathfinder but I would be happy to include a FATE adaption as a stretch goal.

Just tossing around ideas right now but I would love to hear back from you about what you would like to see in such a kickstarter and what would make you more likely to participate in one for the Sea of Stars.  Thank you in advance.


  1. I think that covers all the bases, really. Sounds interesting!

    • I might have to seek you advice for hiring artists and such, if you do not mind.

  2. I think that would be incredible. It is a fantastic universe. I’m always interested in the key characters, though that will probably fall into history. And detailed maps are always nice, especially in regards to the relations of the various “islands”. But otherwise, I think this would be fantastic! You could also do something like Shaintar did and offer for certain levels to immortalize player characters in your universe or something. You know you have my support.

    • Adding NPCs were one of the pledge levels I was considering. I will definitely have “I will create a magic item/monster/spell for you” option as a pledge level with the purchaser’s choice of keeping that for themselves or letting it be part of a bonus PDF for backers.

  3. One thing I always look at in a kickstarter is a decent (low) price point for the core PDF. A core book at 20$+ in PDF is too pricy IMO.
    I don’t mind buying in low and then increase my bid as the KS reaches stretch goals. But I don’t do my initial support based on potential stretch goals.
    That said, I think your outline covers all of the important bases I look for in a setting.

    • Thank you for your feedback. I was thinking $12-15 range for the PDF but I need to look into pricing for art, layout and such, but certainly not more than $15.

  4. Oh… and an intro/sample adventure is never a bad thing. Allow me to see how/why your product is different from other settings.

    • Given that this is Pathfinder, what level do your think the intro adventure should be for? 1st? Higher?

      • I think a set party of 4-5 1st level characters with option to scale up would be fantastic.

  5. Cool! I think you have the proportions just about right. Definitely agree with an earlier commenter about detailed maps.

    Also, I would be happy to donate professional proofreading/editing services, if you like.

    • Maps I would have to contract out as they are not my strong suite but I will keep that in mind.

      Thank you for the kind offer, I will almost certainly take you up on it.

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