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Review – The Assassin’s Primer (Shadowrun)

26 October, 2013

The Assassin’s Primer provides information about assassins, killers for hire, in the Shadowrun setting.  While I was worried about the choice of professional killers for an early sourcebook, after all Shadowrun characters can be quite violent enough as it is, the (in game) author of this work advises restraint and minimizing damage beyond the target.  Such things are welcome in the realm of character (and player) advice.  Beyond that, it provides a useful -if short- reference to the types of assassins and a basic overview of how they work.

Shadowrun: The Assassin’s Primer, is a short piece on assassins and other killers in the Sixth World, how and why they operate and some advice on what sort of skills and tools they will need to survive and prosper.  It is a good general overview and of use to shadowrunners as the tricks of the trade overlap considerably.

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