Putting my time and talent where my mouth is – for the Great Way kickstarter

19 October, 2013
Let us travel

Let us travel

One of the new stretch goal for the Great Way Kickstarter is YOU or in this case, me.  If the Kickstarter hits 1,200 people, enough to get the expanded Voidcallers setting for FATE, I will write a Twenty Palaces fanfic piece set in the trenches of the Great War and include FATE stats for the main character, villains and monsters (and maybe even Pathfinder states for the monsters too if I am feeling bold).

Visit the Great Way Kickstarter page and show your support and see my earlier post today for more information on the great deal this is.

Edit: And we did it!  Thank you very everyone who helped.  Guess I had best get started on that story . . .

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