More FATE for The Great Way – A Fantasy Fiction Kickstarter LAST CHANCE

19 October, 2013
Let us travel

Let us travel

Harry Connolly, author of the superb Twenty Palaces series of urban fantasy stories, is Kickstarting his new epic fantasy series the Great Way, which has weird magic, politics and an invasion by otherworldly beings, what more could you want?  Well, at $30 you get a FATE supplement for the Great Way setting.

But even better news:

[T]he folks at Evil Hat have promised that, if we reach 1200 backers, they will create an expanded Voidcallers game. That’s where I point people who want a Twenty Palaces role-playing game, because they used the FATE ruleset to capture the spirit of the setting and the especially the predators much better than I could have. If you want to roleplay Ray Lilly, that’s the stretch goal you want us to hit.

The Kickstarter drive has been going really well and look at what you can get:

At the $12 pledge level, they’ll get THE WAY INTO CHAOS, the first book in the trilogy (including the Chris McGrath cover). The basic description of the series is right on the main Kickstarter page:


The (pre-edited) sample chapters start right here:


They’ll also get A KEY, AN EGG, AN UNFORTUNATE REMARK, the urban fantasy novel with a protagonist in her mid-sixties. The book is sort of like The Dresden Files if Harry Dresden was actually a cross between Auntie Mame and Gandalf. A more complete description can be found here:


They’ll also get the comic fantasy novelette my son wrote as part of the homeschool project, with cover art by Kathleen Kuchera:


Finally, they’ll also get a copy of TWENTY PALACES, the prequel to the books in my Del Rey series. More detail here:


That’s three books (plus the novelette my son wrote with the cover art for that) for only $12. For someone who is unfamiliar with my work, that strikes me as a pretty good deal.

At the $25 level, they’ll get all of the above and the other two books in the trilogy. That’s five novels all together, including all three of the Chris McGrath covers.

If they’re gamers, too, then only $5 more will get a game supplement, too, so backers who play FATE Core can run a game in The Great Way setting.

Visit the Great Way Kickstarter page and see if it is something that will appeal to you, less than 14 hours left though so move fast!

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