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Review – Dirty Tricks (Shadowrun)

16 October, 2013

Dirty Tricks provides information about politics in the world of Shadowrun, which is a vicious and dangerous game even more so then today.  It is a useful reference for games masters who want to mix politics with their games or just understand the way such things work in the Sixth World

Shadowrun: Dirty Tricks, a Deep Shadows Sourcebook, begins with the usual short piece of fiction, next it moves into a short primer on politics, focusing on what makes voter tick and what tricks are used to manipulate them.  There is some good information here, mostly using mid to late 20th century examples.  It then moves onto scandals, executive entertainment (escort services), and taking the bullet (bodyguards and security).  These sections contain good general information on politics and are a useful reference for both the GM and players.

After laying the groundwork for political games (in both sense of the word) it moves on to various political hot spots:
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