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Tuesday Magic Item – Urdubegi Blade

8 October, 2013

Defend your LadyThe princess moved through the marketplace, chatting with her two companions, who carried some of the more valuable purchases on metal rods, while a veritable sea of porters struggled behind with the heavier items.

Suddenly a band of armed thugs pushed their way through.  “You are coming with us!” demanded their leader, waving about a machete.

“Oh, we think not,” said one of the princess’ companions, sending her bag of goods spinning into the nearest thug and pulling her sword from the metal rod she had been carrying it on. 

The other companion lashed out with hers, catching a thug in the stomach, before she drew her blade.  “Keep behind us, my lady,  We will deal with this threat.”

And so they did . . .

Urdubegi Blade

These decorated swords have a long-handle which allow for an easy two-handed grip and a steel scabbard that matches the design of the hilt.  They are made for the urdubegi (attendants and bodyguard of a ruler’s  female family members) and can be used is a variety of way to help their charge.

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