Tueday Magic Item – Uhlan Szabla-Lance

1 October, 2013

To Victory with Sabre and Lance!The elite Uhlans rode by, their uniforms beautiful in the early morning sunlight, their swords flashing.   As they passed the royal review stand  a command from their commander caused the Uhlans to transform their sabres to lances, pennants appearing in the royal colors.  Gasps turned to cheers as the Uhlans pranced by, proud of their new weapons and honored by the royals cheers.

Uhlan Szabla-Lance

These swords have a curved singled-edged blade that ends in a two-edged tip, the hilt ends in a blunt spike that can be used as a striking point.  With the proper command, it shifts into a lance composed of long tube made of rolled steel ending in a long doubled-edged spear head, the butt end of the shaft is also pointed so that the lance can be wielded as a double ended weapon.

An Uhlan Szabla-Lance is a +1 sabre that has the keen quality when used from horseback, as a lance, it is a +2 lance.  Shifting it from one form to another is a swift action that requires a command word and can be accomplished up to three times a day.  Once a week, with a separate command word, a pennant can be summoned for the tip of the lance.

One of the most spectacular, but dangerous tricks, that can be performed with the Szable-Lance is when it is in sword form and thrust, it can be suddenly shifted into lance form.  This can only be done on a critical hit and inflicts piecing damage with the critical multiplier increased to x4 and the target it hit by a bull rush attack with a combat maneuver check equal to half the damage inflicted, but the wielder must make a combat maneuver check against the same number or be disarmed as the lance is torn from their grip.

Aura moderate transformation; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 12,450; Weight 4 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, keen edge, polymorph self, prestidigitation; Cost 6,000 + 450 for the weapon

Notes: Inspired by the Uhlan cavalry and the Polish Szabla sword.  Image from Wikimedia Commons by User:Mathiasrex Maciej Szczepańczyk and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.



  1. If Ram Eil survives long enough, he will surely be embarking upon a quest for this. Excellent!

  2. Absolutely, he would. But, he’d have to hear of them, and maybe find himself fully disarmed and contemplative before suddenly departing. “I have to go; I have been meaning to for awhile. You know I always favor the best, and the very best thing right now for me is to go and get the best weapon. It’s not suitable for others, really, and you saw how poorly that inferior [Sad Horse Lance] turned out… Just forward pay to this address. I’ll leave my bills there. Look for me in two month’s time. ….Oh, and while I’m gone, could you have this polished? Yes, all of it. Thanks!”

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