The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits – a Japanese Yokai Kickstarter

1 October, 2013

Support the Kickstarter!Matthew Meyer has proven his talents with The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons: a Field Guide to Japanese Yokai.  Which illustrates one hundred yokai (monster or creatures) from Japanese myth and legend.

Now he is working on a companion volume, The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits, an illustrated bestiary of monsters and ghosts from traditional Japanese folklore which (like the Night Parade) he is financing through Kickstarter.  It should be an amazing resource for any Japanese horror game and an interesting read for anyone interested in myths and monsters.



  1. I have the first book and it’s AMAZING. An invaluable resource for Legend of the 5 Rings fans, since it actually describes critters that aren’t necessarily full of Shadowlands Taint.

    I’ve already pitched in my money for the second.

    • I entirely agree, Meyer does wonderful work and I love having crazy Japanese monsters to bedevil players with.

  2. Sweet. I did not know the earlier book existed, either.

    • I highly recommend the first book and I fully expect the new one to be equal or better.

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