Where did September go? October already! Ack!

30 September, 2013

October begins tomorrow, the eighth month of the Roman Calendar (thus that ‘Oct’ part of the name)  and tenth of ours.  It seems the Romans had no special association for October beyond Autumn, but we have Halloween at the end, so this month the Sea of Stars Design Journal will have Monsters as our theme as has become traditional for October.

If you have ideas for Monsters or horror theme you wish to see discussed here, let me know (here or in the sadly neglected forums) and I will try to make it happen.  However, I have been contracted to write an adventure (more details as allowed) which is due in Mid-October so that will be absorbing quite a bit of my time through mid-month.

September, 2013, saw the following posts on the journal:


Dark Future Ahead 2 – Cyberpunk News, future related links.

This year’s trip to Alexandria, VA, and Washington, DC.

New Magic Items

Bottle of Grog, instant army, one bottle at a time.

Image of Memory, capture that perfect image to be shared.

Mountaineer’s Hat, for those venturing to the heights.

Pigasus Medallion, “Ad astra per alia porci”.

New Monster

Vat Soldier, brew your own army!


Short Shadowrun Adventure Reviews.

Shameless Plug

The Great Way – A Fantasy Fiction Kickstarter I am backing

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