Dark Future Ahead 2 – Cyberpunk News

20 September, 2013

Is a CreepyDOL network watching you?  Researcher show how easy it is to spy on wifi devices.

Another step closer to cybereyes, the Argus bionic retina.  While the Smithsonian looks at the current state of bionics and what is on the horizon for replacement parts.

Perhaps you would like to work for an Alibi Agency or crash into the schemes of one?   Or visit the Lebanese party town of Faraya, there are certain missions that can easily be set here and Ricky is perfect to model a contact after.

Travel by Aeroscraft (the modern successor to the zeppelin) or at least see it deliver cargo.

Chinese architect Ma Yansong imagine a future of curves and greenery, a different sort of future building.  For a more ground up way to build -temporary- addition to cities, what about a container park?

While the movie may not be perfect, I still have to yet see it, but some of the concept art for Elysium by Aaron Beck is quite inspirational as is that done by Ben Mauro.


  1. Great links. Thanks!

    • There is so much interesting stuff going on, it is hard to track it all.

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