Tuesday Magic Item – Image of Memory (revised)

3 September, 2013

I had seen the image that the painting showed before many time, the Castle at Vineroad Pass was a common theme in local art, and I had rode by it more than once on the Vineroad, one of the most important trade routes through the realm.  The detail and color was superb in this realization though.  I learned in closer and noticed something I had never seen before, a half open concealed door . . .

Image of Memory

These painting are usually in solid, heavy frames that protect the painting.  An unused one contains a blank canvass or wood sheet (or other painting surface) with a faintly reflective gray surface.   Once created the paintings are usually in beautiful, though often dreamlike, colors but range from impressionistic to hyper realistic depending on the desires of the creator.

The Image of Memory is triggered by focusing upon it for an hour, recalling the image that one wishes to impress upon the canvass and letting it reveal itself there.  Once set, the image is locked, but aspects of it may not be visible to the casual observer.  If the image creator wishes, they may hide a deeper image within that will only be revealed on a set of conditions that the image creator sets (such as only under direct moonlight, only those who study the image for more than an hour, members of a particular group, and so on).

Aura moderate illusion; CL 11th

Slot none; Price 1,500 gp; Weight 5+ lbs


Create Wondrous Item, detect thoughts,lesser geas, permanent image; Cost 750 gp.

Notes: Loosely inspired by the wonderful art we have been seeing at the Smithsonian and the National Gallery.

When I wrote this, I did not immediately consider the possibility for hilarity if only one member of a party perceives the hidden message concealed in an Image of Memory but the rest do not.  “But it is right there, clear as day!

Price revised downward as it is primarily a plot device item,


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  1. Very cool. Let’s start thinking of ways to abuse it…

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