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Future L5R Campaign – Children of Destiny

29 August, 2013

Legend of the Five Rings – Children of Destiny

Are you a fan of L5R?Game Themes: Following in the footsteps of the ancestors, clashes between the demands of family and personal desire, how history shapes and is shaped by people.

Situation: Doji Akira, now the Chief Magistrate of Otosan Utchi, has called upon the children of those who have served him well in the past.
Their role and fate are undetermined, can they make their destiny one of legend?

Setting: This will be set in the Jade Empire of Rokugan, 20ish years after the JYTB campaign.
•    Continuity: story arcs followed by time jumps moving the game and campaign forward.
•    Rating: PG in general, class conflict and a few other unpleasant situation may be touched upon but will not be the focus of the campaign.
•    Style: Adventure, investigation and combat with occasional -but increasingly frequent- social situations.
•    Tone: Action-adventure shading into politics.

Game Format: Legend of the Five Rings, 4th edition, with house rules.

Characters: Characters must be from one of the following groups:
•    Children or Nephews or Nieces of one of the original characters: Basic character + 10 experience, 5 of which must be spent Social or Spiritual advantage.
•    Cousin or Student of the original characters: Basic Character + 5 experience.
•    Anyone else: Basic character.

Character requirements:
•    Character History: At least a paragraph or two about who your character is and where they are from.  Get permission from the player before taking a character related to an original character.  Write more, especially if you include plot hooks and usable NPCs, get bonus experience.  Complete the Twenty Questions, get bonus experience.
•    Additional Restrictions: No more than two shugenja.

Not sure when we will be starting this, as I am off to visit my mother next week, but it is on the slate for play sometime in the near future.

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