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Tuesday Magic Item – Freethinker’s Amulet

27 August, 2013

“We must always be willing to question authority and laws,” said Quavin the Learned.  “We must follow where the light of reason and logic leads.  Some magic is mere superstition and some so-called gods are just powerful beings feeding on their worshipers.”

“A brave hypothesis,” replied High Priest Nasomorin.  “Are you willing to put it to the test.”

“I have no doubts in my beliefs, your Grace, can you say the same?”

The High Priest called a prayer and gestured.    Quavin stood still, feeling the priest magic try to grasp his will, but his mind was free and would not be bound.  “Your spell cannot bind my will, your Grace, my thoughts remain my own.”

Freethought Amulet

These amulets are prized by those who seek the truth in all things but also control over their own minds.  Their designs are usually simple, a disc being most common, and most are engraved with short mottos.

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