ElectroAcidic Animate (Template)

22 August, 2013

ElectroAcidic Animate

Created by a mixture of alchemy and experimental magics, the ElectroAcidic process can temporarily restore creatures to a semblance of half-life by converting the subject into a self-powering creature that eventually hollows itself out and dissolves.

Creating an ElectroAcidic Animate

“ElectroAcidic Animate” is an acquired template that can be added to any humanoid of size small to large and any animal or magical beast of size small or medium.

Challenge Rating: This depends on the creature’s new total number of Hit Dice, as follows:

HD    CR    XP
½    1/8    50
1    1/4    100
2    ½    200
3–4    1    400
5–6    2    600
7–8    3    800

Alignment: Always neutral.

Type: The creature’s type changes to Construct. It retains any subtype except for alignment subtypes (such as good) and subtypes that indicate kind. It does not gain the augmented subtype. It uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Armor Class: Natural armor is based on the animate’s size:

Animate Size     Natural Armor Bonus
Small         +2
Medium     +3
Large         +4

Hit Dice: Drop HD gained from class levels (minimum of 1) and change racial HD to d10s. Animates gain a number of additional hit points as noted on the following table.

Size        Bonus Hit Points
Small         10
Medium     20
Large         30

Saves: Base save bonuses are Fort +1/3 HD, Ref +1/3 HD, and Will +1/3 HD.

Defensive Abilities: Animates lose their defensive abilities and gain all of the qualities and immunities granted by the construct type. Animates gain DR 5/slashing and Electrical Flow (see below).

Speed: Winged animates can still fly, but maneuverability drops to clumsy. If the base creature flew magically, so can the animate. Retain all other movement types.

Attacks: An animate retains all the natural weapons, manufactured weapon attacks, and weapon proficiencies of the base creature. It also gains a slam attack that deals damage based on the animate’s size, but as if it were one size category larger than its actual size (see Natural Attacks).

Special Attacks: An animate retains none of the base creature’s special attacks but gains Shocking Critical.

Abilities: Str +2.  An animate has no Con or Int score, and its Wis and Cha becomes 10.

BAB: An animate’s base attack is equal to its total Hit Dice.

Skills: An animate has no skill ranks.

Feats: An animate loses all feats possessed by the base creature, and does not gain feats as its Hit Dice increase, but it does gain Lightning Reflexes as a bonus feat.

Special Qualities: An animate loses most special qualities of the base creature. It retains any extraordinary special qualities that improve its melee or ranged attacks. An animate gains the following special qualities:

Acidic Interior (Ex) The blood and other fluids of the animate have become extremely corrosive, any slashing or piercing attack that causes more than 10 points of damage (before damage reduction) inflicts the same amount of damage on the weapon.  Crushing weapons that inflict 15 or more points of damage inflicts half that amount (rounded up) on the weapon.

Attacks with natural weapons inflict half the amount of damage listed above (rounded up) on the being using the natural weapons.

Acidic Degradation (Ex) The ElectroAcidic Animate slowly eats itself away from the inside, taking 1d4 points of acid damage every twenty-four hours.

Electrical Flow (Ex) ElectroAcidic animates are powered by electricity but are not immune to its damaging effects, though a sufficient large charge will also accelerate their functions for a short time.  The animate takes half damage from electrical attacks and if it survives the attack, it acts as though under a haste spell for a number of rounds equal to the number of dice of electrical damage it suffered.

Shocking Critical (Su) On a critical hit, the ElectroAcidic Animate inflicts an additional 1d6 points of electrical damage.

Notes: Crazy alchemical zombies!  To go with the ElectroAcidic Reanimation Kit.


  1. I like it! Now give me something that could last for 400 years in a dank dungeon. 😉

    • If the corpse was somehow magically preserved and the final alchemical dose was injected just as the character approach . . .

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