Tuesday Magic Item – ElectroAcidic Reanimation Kit (revised)

20 August, 2013

“They are coming, are you done?” asked Vask, looking down the corridor, keeping his crossbow training at the end.

“Last step,” hissed Honra through gritted teeth as she forced the hypodermic needle through the chest and into the heart and injected the catalyst.  She wrenched the needle out before the transformation was completed.  “Its done, let’s go,” she said packing up the kit as the corpse began to twitch.  Honra paused to make certain the control dial was set to to attack.

Honra broke into a jog as Vask fell back, keeping watch for a few seconds before turning and dashing after Honra.  Behind them the corpse jerked into a semblance of life.

ElectroAcidic Reanimation Kit

These kits contain a set of mechanical attachments that inset into the base of the spine, the base of the skull and the forehead, the forehead piece including a dial of with six settings and a set of three hypodermic needles filled with unusual fluids.  Most come with a set of illustrated instructions.

Working with an intact humanoid corpse of size small to large (or an animal or magical beast of size small or medium) that is less that a day dead, the kit can reanimate the corpse with the ElectroAcidic Animate template.

This process takes ten minutes and a successful Craft (Alchemy), Craft (Embalming) or Heal check against a DC of 18 + 5 per size category above small, on a failed roll, the corpse dissolves into a bubbling pool of foul smelling goo.

The Six Settings for the Animate are:  Ambush, Attack, Charge, Guard, Move, Still.  The Animate will not attack its creator.

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 350; Weight 15 lbs
Construction Requirements

Create Wondrous Item, acid splash, charm person, polymorph self, shocking grasp, creator must have 7 ranks in Craft (Alchemy); Cost 175

A Kit can be refilled for 300, costing the maker 150.

Notes: Inspired by the Frankenstein Challenge on tonight’s episode of Face/Off.

Now with a real template!



  1. Very cool! I could see a setting where all zombies were created like this.

    • Take a look at the template and tell me what you think.

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