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To GenCon! By Car!

13 August, 2013

This year will be a new experience for me, a friend (H of my gaming group) and I are both working for AEG‘s Demo Team and are driving up together, and by that, I mean he is driving and I am riding along.  Today we start a nine-hour drive from Athens to Indianapolis with a stop in Cave City at the end of GenCon Day -2, arriving in Indianapolis on Wednesday (GenCon Day -1).  Possibly I will post some trip photo tomorrow.

If you are going to be at GenCon, it would be great to meet you, you can find me here or drop me an email and we can coordinate.

Also, for those of you preparing for the convention, here is my (hopefully useful) advice to attendees.

Hope to see you there!


Tuesday Magic Item – Road Box

13 August, 2013

Where are you going?“We do not have time to wait for the engineers,” said Conradus with a scowl looking over the marshy terrain.  “Let the ‘miracle workers’ do their magic.”

The scholar-wizards from the College of Otherworldly Arts brought forward a large metal box filled with stones -with some difficulty- and they set it down.  Taking some time, they arranged the stones from the in a row.  One they had set the stone to their satisfaction, they incanted a short ritual and the stones marched across the marsh, building a road behind them.

Conradus watched for the process to finish.  “How long will it last?”

“As long as any other road built on a marsh, Commander,” replied the senior scholar-wizard.  “Long enough for your men to get across.”

Road Box

These boxes are either composed of paving stones bound together with large handles or made of iron and filled with paving stones with even larger handles.  Most are plain but some are decorated with runes and symbol.

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