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Damn you WotC! Using the Sundering as your big event title!

7 August, 2013

Rants, not really my things as I like to think of myself as a cool and collected individual.  But, that aside, I was extremely annoyed when I read that WotC is using the title of ‘the Sundering’ for their year long attempt to reboot the Forgotten Realms into somewhere and something people will want to play in again.

Yes, it is not as if the Sea of Stars has a monopoly on the term, the Sundering, but it forms a pretty important background piece and the term is very appropriate to my setting as the point in time the world shattered from the stress of the War between the Dragons and the Gods.  To wit:

Sunder [verb] (third-person singular simple present sunders, present participle sundering, simple past and past participle sundered)

(transitive) To break or separate or to break apart, especially with force.  (Via Wiktionary.)

The WotC/D&D/FR event would be better called the Reforging, the Reshaping or something similar as it is about the world being rebuilt from being shattered, not breaking it apart.  But they have chosen their title and I am stuck dealing with it.  Jerks.

I am sticking with the Sundering for my event because, by gum, I used it first and it fits my campaign world perfectly.  Hopefully it will not cause too much confusion.

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