Tuesday Magic Item – Terribin’s Sling

6 August, 2013

With cool grace, Terribin sent stone after stone into the advancing ranks of the enemy.  Dodging back through the outskirts of the village, he keep up a steady rain of stones.   His shots striking true more often than not and felling more than a score of the invaders before they had made it to the town square.

Balearic_SlingerThere, the rest of the town waited for them, an impromptu militia behind a wall of barrels and grain sacks.  They let lose a volley of all sorts of things, from spears to rocks and even a broken stool while Terribin stood on the top of the barricade sending his stone at anyone who looked like a leader among the invaders.

It was enough, not expecting to face organized resistance and having already lost too many.  They broke and ran, taking their wounded with them.  The villagers harried them until they were gone beyond the fields and Terribin was carried back on their shoulders to great acclaim.

Terribin’s Sling

This sling is made of oiled and woven leather cording with a leather pouch for the stone.  Terribin’s mark is branded on the inside of the pouch.

Terribin’s Sling is a +1 sling that has a 19-20 threat range and treats any stone used as a chosen stone (see here).  If the shot misses its target by one to three points, the stone ricochets to the nearest enemy within 10′ (if one is available) and hits for 1d3 points of damage.

Aura faint conjuration (summoning); CL 5th
Slot none; Price 10,300; Weight .25 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, cat’s grace, magic weapon, summon monster III; Cost 5,000 +300 for the sling

Notes:  Inspired indirectly by Shorty Monster‘s column on Slings in RPGs.

Image from Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.


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