Where to find me at GenCon

3 August, 2013

Only a week and a half until GenCon?!  How did that happen?  Working on getting everything thing together for the games I will be running.

If you want to catch up with me there I will be running the Legend of the Five Rings RPG:

A Circling of Wolves, introductory action adventure oriented game, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 9 am.

The Courtly Art of Murder, for experienced players, intrigue focused game, on Thursday at 2 pm, Friday at 6 pm and Sunday at 9 am.

All of my games take place in the Marriott’s Indiana Ballroom E, look for the guy in the AEG logo polo shirt wearing his GenCon badge on a Legend of the Five Rings lanyard.  I will have time to talk before and after the game and, if you are interested in playing, while all of the games are theoretically sold out, I have characters for seven people (one beyond what is listed) and I am happy to GM at full capacity.  I will also be at the AEG booth in the exhibit hall from 3 pm to close on Saturday.

Currently, I should be free late Wens (after 10 pm), Thursday evening after 6 pm, Friday after 10 pm, Saturday is probably locked up with Legend of the Five Rings stuff until way late, and Sunday after 6 PM (as I have to help AEG pack up the booth).

Drop me a note if you would like to meet up, because I love catching up with people I know and actually meeting face to face people I only know through the marvel of the internet.

Also, my advice for people going to GenCon, hope you find it helpful.


  1. Hey Sean, I attended one of your sessions last year and it was great! I’ll be back this year and signed up for two of them. Unfortunately, I will be only attending one of them as I promised some early shopping errands on Thursday to a friend. I should be able to make it for Friday at least. 🙂

    • Coolness. I entirely understand the lure of GenCon exclusives, so no worries. You can always try to pick up the missing game on generic tickets if it fits your schedule. See you there.

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