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Where to find me at GenCon

3 August, 2013

Only a week and a half until GenCon?!  How did that happen?  Working on getting everything thing together for the games I will be running.

If you want to catch up with me there I will be running the Legend of the Five Rings RPG:

A Circling of Wolves, introductory action adventure oriented game, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 9 am.

The Courtly Art of Murder, for experienced players, intrigue focused game, on Thursday at 2 pm, Friday at 6 pm and Sunday at 9 am.

All of my games take place in the Marriott’s Indiana Ballroom E, look for the guy in the AEG logo polo shirt wearing his GenCon badge on a Legend of the Five Rings lanyard.  I will have time to talk before and after the game and, if you are interested in playing, while all of the games are theoretically sold out, I have characters for seven people (one beyond what is listed) and I am happy to GM at full capacity.  I will also be at the AEG booth in the exhibit hall from 3 pm to close on Saturday.

Currently, I should be free late Wens (after 10 pm), Thursday evening after 6 pm, Friday after 10 pm, Saturday is probably locked up with Legend of the Five Rings stuff until way late, and Sunday after 6 PM (as I have to help AEG pack up the booth).

Drop me a note if you would like to meet up, because I love catching up with people I know and actually meeting face to face people I only know through the marvel of the internet.

Also, my advice for people going to GenCon, hope you find it helpful.

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