July ends and August begins

31 July, 2013

Shortly August begins. named after that arch-politician Augustus Caesar.   Not that we follow themes too closely here, but we will being looking as personalities and persons this month.  If there is something you want to see, write a comment or post in the Sea of Stars forum.

I will be at GenCon this year, once again GMing the Legend of the Five Rings RPG for AEG.

July, 2013, saw the following articles here (and included my 1,000th post!):


Noir Revolution: Pacific Star Campaign Framework, for my Fate Accelerated one shot.

Shadowrun 2069 Campaign Framework, with house rules for everyone’s reference.

New Magic Items

Badgerkin Beer, a strong drink for strong fighters.

Hidden Heart, keep your secret self safe, at a price.

Hungry Heart, what price immortality?

Marion’s Perfect Lunch Pail, it always has the lunch you want.

Patriot’s Cider, work hard for your country!

Steelidun Fiddle, for the adventurer who uses the other sort of bow.

Campaign Reports

Fate Accelerated Noir Revolution: Pacific StarPilot/Shanghai Express and Cast List.

Shadowrun 2069 with new Seattle Scream


Chinese Warlord Armies 1911-30 (by Osprey).

Malefactor Base Class for Pathfinder

Shadowrun, 5th Edition, Core Rulebook


Dark Future Ahead: Cyberpunk News

Inspiration Viewing – the Brass Teapot



  1. Good july. I appreciate the hungry heart.

    • I am always happy to work from suggestions, it is a fun challenge.

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