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Tuesday Magic Item – Marion’s Perfect Lunch Pail

30 July, 2013

What could be inside?Make sure your hard worker has the perfect lunch they are craving.

“I am never unhappy with my packed lunch, it is always what I want!”  J. Windeagle, High Iron Worker

Marion’s Perfect Lunch Pail makes sure that the lunch they want in the lunch they get and that no one else can steal it.

“It is so easy to use.” M. Holden, Householder

Marion’s Perfect Lunch Pail available exclusively at SorceriCo!

Marion’s Perfect Lunch Pail

These items are apparently simple tin lunch pails usually personalized with the owner’s name painted on them.  But they are almost indestructible and they will only open for the person who packed the lunch and for the person the lunch is packed for (and for them, only during lunch time, no snacking!).  The food inside is guaranteed to be what the person wants for lunch, mostly, and perfectly edible.

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