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Shadowrun 2069 – Campaign Framework and House Rules

28 July, 2013

Shadowrun Seattle: 2069

It is 2069, the so-called Sixth World, an era where technology and magic clash while megacorporations via with nation states for power; everything is up for grabs and everyone is looking for their main chance.

In the shadows of the Seattle Metroplex criminal shadowrunners seek a piece of the action, acting as cat’s paws for the major players as they tear at each other.  Treachery and backstabs are common as everyone tries to climb the ladder.  Those who are successful -and lucky- can make it big, the unlucky end up as spare parts.

Will this be your big break or your last hurrah?

Setting: Classic Shadowrun in Seattle, 2069, occasionally with ventures outside.
•    Continuity: Linked episodic, some metaplot.
•    Rating: PG/PG13.
•    Style: Caper/Adventure with a side of investigation and problem solving.
•    Tone: Grey with occasional venture into the dark side of things.

Rules: Shadowrun, mixed 4th and 5th Edition, call it the 2069 edition.
•    No skill limits or accuracy.
•    Combat as per 5th except as noted above.
•    Matrix and Magic as per 5th.
•    Edge recovery as per 5th with possibly bolting on Aspects at some point.
•    Karma as per 5th except Knowledge specializations only cost 3.
•    Other changes are likely.

Characters: People who are in the shadows, willingly or unwillingly.
•    Character creation using either system, if using 5th build at Street Level and gain 3 additional points of knowledge skills.
•    Build characters who are willing to be part of the team.

Notes: With the release of the 5th edition rules, thought I should formalize the campaign frame just for everyone’s reference.

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