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Noir Revolution: Pacific Star – Episode 1: Pilot/Shanghai Express (Actual Play)

26 July, 2013

Last night, having finished the cast, we finally sat down to play the Pacific Star one-shot using Fate Accelerated.

Steaming awayThe scene open in media res with Sun Chan, Dr. Alabaster Oxford, Hamish Sinclair and the Old Man aboard a hurtling train under attack from three light biplane bombers, Sun Chan throwing open the window to blaze away at them with her chromed .45 pistol.  Cut to: the ‘Piggy’ (a PBY flying boat) spewing smoke from her port engine as Trixie banks the plane in a hard left as Lefty and Dr. Philmore Cornelius react to the ambush by two biplane fighters.

Roll opening credits with a jazzy soundtrack and then cut to The Monastery of the Serene Way, eight hours earlierRead the rest of this entry ?

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