Noir Revolution: Pacific Star – Cast List

24 July, 2013

The current cast for the Noir Revolurion – Pacific Star campaign is:

Sun Chan “Number 1 Sun”, up and coming Chinese gangster and ally of Pacific Star, Taoist gunslinger and smooth operator.  (Played by L)

Dr. Philmore Cornelius, academic and master of meteorological magic.  His by the book personality conceals a sharp mind.  (Played by H)

Joseph E “Lefty” Marrone, Ace mechanic aboard the ‘Piggy‘ with a mechanical arm.  (Played by T2)

Dr. Alabaster Oxford, PhD. D.D. possibly the smartest man in the world and never one to allow moral concepts to stand in the way of science.  (Played by M)

Hamish Sinclair, acquisitions specialist for Pacifc Star Import-Export.   30ish, clean cut and well-dressed. His brogue and red-brown hair betray his family’s roots in the high-lands of Scotland, although he always wears his trademark 3-piece suit, and walks with a jade-inlaid cane (which conceals a lightning projector).  (Played by J)

Beatrice “Trixie” Washbourne, high flying daughter of a rum runner and pilot of the ‘Piggy’, a modified PBY prototype acquired by Pacific Star for her.  (Played by T1)

“Old Man”, former martial artist now curio shop owner, sells to Pacific Star and occasional works as an interpreter.  (Played by Z)

You can find photos for some of the cast, Shanghai in the 1930s, the ‘Piggy‘ and more on the Noir Revolution – Pacific Star pinterest board.

The first (and so far only) episode is here.

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