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Tuesday Magic Item – Hungry Heart

23 July, 2013

Bond body and soul“I do not want to die, sorcerer.  You are the finest artificer in the Three Realms, make me something that will keep death from me,” said Avinlac, Duke of Calivily.

“It can be done, your grace,” said the masked sorcerer Valisk, “but there will be a price.”

“Name it, sorcerer, my vaults are full of silver and gold.”

“It may not be a price that can be paid in gold,” said the sorcerer, its voice just above a whisper.

Hungry Heart

These amulets are made for those who fear death most of all, they comprise a heart-shaped piece of metalwork marked with minute runes and sigila and set with a red gem.  The process forging and creating a Hungry Heart is difficult and is said to involve dark applications of the arcane arts.  The creation and possession of such items are often banned in lands aware of their existence.

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