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Shadowrun Campaign report and new Seattle Scream prop

18 July, 2013

Actually, we have run three games since the last campaign report, two with the usual crew and one as a filler game with one of my other groups.  Two of those mission were unsuccessful but did not end up with any of the characters killed or arrested, leading to some potential complications in the future with Horizon corporation and the Cyberpunks gang, but time will tell how those play out.  While the aftermath from the successful mission hinges on playing Shadowrun with my other group again (but involve a subgroup within Renraku).

So, the Seattle Scream jumps forward a few months and incorporates the change over from Lone Star to Knight Errant as the security provider for Seattle.  You can read all about it here: Seattle Scream 41.

Lastly, the PDF for Shadowrun 5 has released.  Still reading and digesting and I hope to have a review up soon but certainly not converting over wholesale but I like some of the ideas, not sold on other though . . .

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