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Tuesday Magic Item – Hidden Heart

17 July, 2013

A fragment of a soul is trapped withinSayaril shut the door to the secret room in his country home, making sure that the tapestry covered the concealed opening, as usual, a sense of well being enveloped him immediately after he visited his hidden heart, as it always did.

But for now, he must resume his role, taking his place as one of the usurper’s men until the whole rotten edifice could be pulled down.  When that day came, he could be his true self again but until then . . .

Hidden Heart

These unusual items comprise two parts, a gemstone and a box.  The gem must be undamaged and are the size of a marble and the box can be as ornate or as plain as desired, but the interior is always marked with a protective wards and sigila.  They are prized by spies, infiltrators and double agents.

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