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FAE One-Shot Framework: Noir Revolution – Pacific Star

15 July, 2013

Noir Revolution – Pacific Star

It is 1935 but not as you know it.  Magic rolled back into the world in a big way in 1929 causing the Stock Market to crash and ushering in the Great Depression.  Prohibition is over but the Mafia is still powerful.  Nazi scientists and brave archaeologists hunt occult artefacts.  The scientists of Tesladyne create electrically powered wonders.  Difference engines of the Imperial Babbage company crack complex mathematical problems and aid complex production lines.  While Zeppelins span the globe.

It is an era of change and an era of looming conflict . . . One that Pacific Star Import/Export intend to take advantage of.

Setting: The pulp 1930s by way of Shadowrun.  The game is simulating a TriV show within the Shadowrun universe.
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